WHO Do You Want to Be – the Identity Hunt for College Women

by Lesley Rowland
Smartte Team 2014-2015


Smartte Girl

College is an identity hunt. You want to find yourself but you still don’t want that self to be a no-body; you want to be a somebody. A somebody with a brain, a talent, an audience. So, you turn to celebrities –they have it all, right?

Today, there is a range of public figures to look up to. You can choose a feminist like Hilary Clinton, the previous Secretary of State, or like Ke$ha who levels out the sexism by calling guys ‘sluts.’ Kim Kardashian networks like a pro. And Miley is being nobody else but Miley.

But in today’s fast-paced, #selfie, and turnt up world, we are starting to compare ourselves more and more to other people and, unfortunately, the “seemingly perfect” lives on social media. It is no longer who do you look up to? but who do you want to be?

Maybe instead of choosing role models, we should be admiring people’s specific character traits. You can be that human rights activist Miley without the weed or peep shows, or the outreaching Demi Lovato without putting yourself through her struggles, or the sweet Selena Gomez without the bad boy Bieber.

You are never going to stand out and shine, if you choose to be somebody else’s shadow. Celebrities have publicists, photoshop, and an entire team behind them to create that perfect -or perfectly scandalous- public image. You can spend your whole life trying to achieve what they have and will still fail, because the best person you are capable of being is yourself. Take celebs with a grain of salt, and be your own #wcw!

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