How to Get Happy in 5 Simple Ways

How to Be Happy NOW
AuthorAudrey Baez, MBA Smartte Senior Editor 

That moment when… You feel overcome by a potent set of emotions. We have all been there. This is a crucial moment that can set the the tone for your day. You have a choice you must make, fast. Here are 5 quick ways to diffuse that emotional bomb and get on with your amazing life.

1.  Breathe!
Take 5 deep nasal inhales and a soft, steady oral exhales. If you can, close your eyes and visualize anything that puts you at peace.

2.  Visualize!
Pick out colors such as yellow for cheerfulness, blue for peace, pink for caring, and purple for balance. Use these colors in your visualization to steer your brain in the right direction. Even if you can’t close your eyes, utilize the colors of the world around you.

3.  Wiggle!
Rid yourself of that unnecessary energy in your body. Wiggle your fingers, rub your ears, or do a few lip trills. Feel all of that naughty energy melting off of you in a fun way. Embody your best Taylor Swift and ‘SHAKE IT OFF’.

4.  Speak!
Speak positivity charged words over yourself and your day. Utilize words such as, love, care, peace , serenity, fluidity, exciting, thrilling, smooth. Kick it up a notch. Take those words and make them affirmations. Ex: “I will have a peaceful day.” Or, “I will be caring towards myself and my peers.”

5.  Share it!
Happiness is always best when shared with others. So, the next person you see, smile at them. Compliment someone else’s appearance. Give the Barista praise for making that spectacular ‘Mocha-Choca-Woo-Woo’. You can choose to spread love and happiness.

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