Secrets of Success Women You Need to Know!

Ok, are you looking to start your own business but don’t know where to begin?  Check out this insightful video from the Today show that features 2 amazing women and how they started their successful businesses on-line!  Here are some tips to take away:

  1. A happy work life makes a happy life!
  2. Go after what you want and don’t stop.
  3. Do it for the PASSION of your idea, not the money.  If you love it, others will too.
  4. “Balance” doesn’t have to mean perfection.
  5. You CAN create something from nothing, and you don’t have to have tons of money to start.
  6. “Live and Breathe what naturally comes out of you” as it shows in your work and people will know if you are authentic.
  7. How do you find your idea?  Write down 10 things you REALLY love to do and your next business idea is probably on that list!
  8. No such thing as an “over night” success.  Realize it will take time so don’t give up.
  9. The “winning combination” to monetize your blog is to accept advertisers and brand collaborations.

Here’s to your success :-)

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