Smartte Minute – Tips to Find Time to Workout!

Do you think that you can’t find time to workout but you really want to?  If you said yes, you won’t want to miss the next 60 seconds as we give you 4 EASY tips to squeeze in your workout today without changing your schedule!
1. Walk laps around your home, dorm room or apartment while you are on social media.

2. While you are watching your favorite television show, stand up and march in place or do some toning exercises on the floor like ab crunches, leg lifts or push ups.

3. Start a Smartte mini habit routine when every time you use the restroom at home.  For example, do 10 squats every time you wash your hands.  This way at the end of the day you could do at least 40 squats and at the end of a month you will have done 1,200 squats!!!!!   THAT will make a difference in your lower half!!!

4. Wake up 10 minutes earlier and start your day with a nice stretch or a 10 minute yoga routine as flexibility is a large component to your fitness regime.

For some more great fitness tips, click on the Smartte Fitness Section!

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