Smartte Minute – Tips to be Sexy!

Some people think being sexy is about wearing tight, provocative clothing and lots of make up.  You know what is REALLY sexy? Being classy, confident, and as Ashton Kutcher put it – being REALLY SMART!
Here are some tips to make you really sexy and Smartte:

• Have Confidence in yourself and be proud of who you are!

• Have Great Posture by standing up tall or sitting up in your seat.

• Use your Manners – this is really a great one! For example, say thank you to the person that holds the door for you.

• Be classy and respect yourself and others!

• Look like YOUR Best – don’t compare yourself to other people, just focus on being better than you were yesterday.

• Be Healthy and Full of energy!

• Remember, your appearance – yes what you wear, tells people how you feel about yourself. Let people know you are a Smartte, Amazing woman so dress with class!

• Most importantly, BE SMART! – (Thanks Ashton Kutcher!!) Learn something new every day because knowledge is power and SEXY!

With these tips, you can take being sexy to a whole new level!   Let us know how it goes!

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