Smartte Minute – Tips to Be Classy


Have you heard that being “classy” is the new SEXY?!  Here are 6  tips to help you be classy NOW!

1. Your Attitude! Show respect for yourself and others! And ALWAYS be confident!

2. No Gossiping! This is a HUGE giveaway that you are insecure and don’t feel confident about yourself.

3. What is your image saying about you?  How you dress tells people a story of how you feel about yourself.
For the classy look, think elegant, poised, polished and confident; a good example is Kate Middleton!  Here are some don’ts for a classy woman:

  • Make sure your bra straps are not showing,
  • Don’t chew gum with your mouth open and
  • Don’t wear flip flops to an interview or “dressy” occasion.

4. Use Your Manners! By just using some common etiquette tips, you can instantly show class:

  • Say Thank You when someone holds the door for you or gives you a compliment.
  • Use your Table Manners! Remember to put your napkin on your lap and don’t chew with your mouth open!
  • Give compliments often and always offer help if someone is in need.

5. Have great posture as your body language tells a story too! Stand up tall and confident!

6. Watch your language. Cursing is never a sign of a classy woman.

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