Smartte Minute – Tips for Great Skin!

Do you want beautiful skin to help you look your best?   This Smartte Minute will help you look and feel great! Here are some skin facts:

• Did you know that your skin is the largest organ in your body?   It serves as a barrier and waste removal system for your other organs.

• Did you know studies have shown that over 60% of cosmetic chemicals you put ON your skin, ends up in your blood stream?  That can’t be good!

So, how do you keep your skin looking it’s best?  Try using natural products and doing the following simple things to give you beautiful, healthy skin:

1. Drink Water – keeping your body hydrated keeps your skin at it’s peek.

2. Don’t Smoke!!

3. Eat clean – what you put IN your body shows up ON your body. Yes this includes alcohol!

4. Exercise! When you exercise, you increase your oxygen intake and that helps all of your organs stay healthy.

5. Sleep! This is a big one as we all know that lack of sleep shows up on your face for everyone to see!

6. Take your make up off daily. While you sleep, your body regenerates – including your skin.

7. Try to put healthy, natural products on your skin. Read the labels and if you CAN eat it, it should be fine for our skin.

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