Manners 101- Etiquette for Your BEST Life NOW!

Golden Rule

We all know the Golden Rule but do you practice it?  Just in case you forgot, here are some things we should all do to make our society a better place.

1.  Say:  Thank You

  • When someone holds the door for you
  • When someone lets you in front of them in line
  • When you are driving and someone lets you in front of them – a simple hand wave will do.

2.  Hold the Door for others:

  • You should hold the door for anyone behind you.  Please look behind you and notice if someone is there.
  • Say “Your Welcome” if someone says thank you to you.  Remember, if they do not say thank you, it is ok and you do not say your welcome.

3.  Cover your mouth when you yawn.

4.  Help someone else

  • Ask to be of service to someone in need.  For example, if you see someone in a wheelchair trying to get up a steep hill or trying to open a door, give a helping hand.

5.  Give a Smile

  • Being polite is contagious and a smile can go a long way!

6.  Say Please

  • If you would like anything!  For example, if you would like the salt say “Please pass the salt.”  do not reach across the table for it.
  • When you need help, say “Will you please help me.”
  • If you would like something from the store say “May I please have this”.  Remember, if your parents say no, do not ask again.

7.  Say:  Yes Mam, No Mam, Yes Sir, No Sir

  • This is a matter of respect to an adult.  Remember, if you give respect you will get it in return.

8.  Have Respect

  • Have respect for yourself by taking care of yourself and trying your best.
  • Have respect for others by NOT going through other people’s things or looking at their private items.  Remember, you do not want anyone going through your things.
  • Have respect for the Earth by living green as much as possible.  For details CLICK HERE.

9.  Compliments:  A compliment is something that describes.

  • Try to give them as much as possible.  For example, say to your mom today  “You are a great mom”  and see how she feels – I bet you will feel good too!
  • When someone gives you a compliment, just say THANK YOU.  Never make an excuse, for example:  If someone tells you that you have a pretty shirt, don’t say it’s not mine – just say thank you.

10.  Shake Hands

  • When shaking hands with someone, use your right hand and give a firm handshake.  This doesn’t mean squeeze as hard as you can but just be confident and be firm.  Remember, do NOT give a limp handshake.

11.  Say Excuse Me

  • When you burp or make any other body noise - do not be embarrassed, we all do it; just excuse yourself.
  • When someone is talking and you interrupt them.
  • When you bump into someone.


This is a BIG ONE!  There is nothing worse than seeing a young lady eating with poor table manners. So just in case your forgot, here is your reminder:

  • Keep a napkin on your lap.  Just in case you spill something, you want a napkin on your lap so you do not wear your food for the rest of the day.
  • Use a separate napkin to wipe your mouth.
  • DO NOT TALK WITH FOOD IN YOUR MOUTH.  If you have to talk you can do a few things:  1.  Finish what you are eating and swallow it then talk.  2.  Cover your mouth if you have to say something now.
  • DO NOT CHEW WITH YOUR MOUTH OPEN.  No one wants to see what you are chewing on just like you don’t want to see what is in other people’s mouths.
  • Say “Please pass the salt”.   Do not reach across the table for something, just ask for it.
  • Begin eating when everyone is at the table, especially the cook.
  • Clean up after yourself.  If you are at home, take your dishes to the kitchen and put them away.  If you are at the mall food court, put your garbage in the trash can.

13.  Chewing Gum:

  • If you are chewing gum, chew it with your mouth closed.

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