How to be Happy NOW!

How to Be Happy NOWDo you need a quick pick me up on your Happy scale?  Check out these EASY tips to get you on the Happy track!

1. Just SMILE! Try smiling BIG for 15 seconds and see how your mood improves.

2. Exercise! If you are feeling down, even a 10 minute walk will make you feel better!

3. Stop complaining!!!!!!! Even about the smallest things! Take our 24 hour Smartte challenge – no complaining for 24 hours. If you complain, about anything, you have to start all over again!

4. Be Positive! Studies prove that positive people are happier and are overall more successful. One way to be positive, write down 3 empowering affirmations and read them OUT LOUD every morning including:

• I EXPECT wonderful things today!
• I FEEL full of energy and I am going to make today AWESOME!
• I AM SO GRATEFUL for this Beautiful moment!

5. On the grateful note, keep a Gratitude journal and write down even the smallest things that you are grateful for.

6. Get enough sleep and make sure you don’t let yourself get hungry! We all know that when you are tired or hungry, it is hard to be full of energy and feel great!

For more details, click on How To Be Happy Smartte Minute Video. 

Make today amazing and Live Life Smartte!

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