Wall Street – You and Your Money!

 Do you like money?  I am sure you said yes.  So, to help you have a better understanding of your money,  you should know how our financial system works.  To begin, you should know what the Dow Jones is, so let’s get started.
The Dow Jones Average:

The Dow Jones Average (DJIA – also known as the Dow) is an average of 30 “Blue Chip” stocks, invented by Charles Dow in 1896.  Over time, the companies in the average have changed.  Currently (2012), some of the companies  in the Dow are ones you know like:  American Express, AT&T, GE, HP, McDonalds, Microsoft, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, and Kraft Foods.  This is the oldest, single most watched stock average in the world.  When the Dow moves, it has an influence on all of the other markets in the world.  When it goes up, it gives people confidence and when it falls, it sometimes causes people to panic.

The Dow is traded in New York City on Wall Street.   For the latest average, check out our home page.

Ticker Symbol

The Ticker Symbol is the letter combination that you see that represents the company.  For example, the ticker symbol “DIS” is the symbol for Disney, “FB” is the symbol for Facebook and “PG” is the symbol for Proctor and Gamble – Cover Girl.  We have a list of stocks on our home page that you may be interested in.

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