Smartte Minute – Tips to Getting Hired NOW!

Are you looking for a job? Here are some tips to help you get hired TODAY!

• Be On-Time to your interview

• Don’t chew GUM!!!

• Dress appropriately – yes that means no flip flops, make sure that no bra straps showing, and yes your club clothes are out.   A good rule of thumb is to always dress professionally no matter what position you are applying for.

• Turn your cell phone off during the interview.

• BRING A PEN to fill out the application – it is a bad sign to the employer when you ask for a pen – it shows that you are not prepared.

• Bring an up to date resume – yes, even if you are applying for an entry level position.   This will make you stand out and let the employer know you are serious about the opportunity.

• Make great eye contact during your interview and ASK QUESTIONS about the position!

• FOLLOW UP! If you want the job, make sure you follow up in a few days.   Even if the employer wants you, some will wait to see if YOU follow up to see how much you want to be there.

• If you really want a job at a certain company but none is available, ask if there are volunteer internship position available. Volunteer – what????   Yep, get your foot in the door and make yourself so valuable that they will find a paid position for you!

For more great career tips and workshops, check out Smartte U!  For some great  interviewing skills, Click on the Smartte Interview Workshop.

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